In this Roofstock Review, I’ll show you everything about buying a rental property through

Roofstock is a FREE real estate investors best friend. Finding income producing properties is so much easier with roofstock.

Watch the video above as I have Andrew from Roofstock review show us how awesome it is and what it can do for you to make you money in passive income each month.

You can have your first property bought in no time and become an instant landlord with monthly passive income using this roofstock review.


MPI Student Success with Roofstock

roofstock review master passive income student success

One of my students recently purchased their first property on roofstock. She had been looking all over the country for a property with little success.

After 1 week on roofstock, she was able to find a great property and buy it.

Here is her sharing her success!

Two of the best reasons to use roofstock is:

  1. 30 Day Buyer Guarantee
  2. 90 Day Rent Guarantee

Since roofstock offers these terrific guarantee, Katrina felt much more sure about her decision.

Now she is making $300 a month in passive income from this one property!


roofstock review

Unique 30-day money-back guarantee + guaranteed rent on vacant properties

My Favorite Part is, Roofstock is 100% FREE!

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Roofstock Review of Services Offered

All properties come with our 30-day money back guarantee

Guaranteed rent on vacant properties starting 45 days after the home is rent-ready.

You will also pay no monthly management fees until your property is leased.

The catch though is that this offer applies to all single-family properties. It excludes commercial properties and Roofstock portfolios, and properties with more than 2 units (duplex, triplex, fourplexes).

making money with rental properties

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Roofstock Review of Guarantees and How They Work

Roofstock does their best to make sure the properties are good quality and will be good for your rental property business. They say that if there’s any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please notify them within 30 days from closing on your property for a refund.

Roofstock will re-list the property for free on the Roofstock marketplace.  When the property does sell, roofstock will refund the original purchase price at closing. Even if the property sells for less than what you bought it for.

If your home does not sell within 90 days, Roofstock will buy back the property and you will receive your refund when the property closes.

Isn’t that crazy awesome!! 

I believe you are responsible for applicable closing costs associated with any of these transactions.

Just like with any property, you are responsible for maintaining the property while you still own the home. The home must be in the same condition as when you bought it through Roofstock.

Properties must meet Roofstock Certification standards and pass a property inspection conducted by a Roofstock-approved vendor.  Only one guarantee claim may be made by a buyer during any 90-day period.


Roofstock Review of How to Find, Analyze, and Purchase Rental Properties

  1. Search for A Money Making Property on Roofstock
  2. Analyze the Property To Make Sure You Are Making Money Every Month
  3. Use the Checkout Process to Make An Offer
  4. Negotiate Your Purchase Price and Terms of the Deal
  5. Close On the Property



Use custom filters to tailor your search by list price, desired return, location and more.

Sign up for alerts and be one of the first to get notified when a matching property becomes available.


Review details and learn more about the property.

  • Pictures, floor plans, 3-D tour, 3-D model, curb view
  • Property inspection & valuation, title report & insurance quote
  • Interactive tools for visualizing return and cost estimates

Check out

Making an offer is free. If your offer is accepted, Roofstock charges a marketplace fee equal to 0.5% of the contract price or $500, whichever is higher.

Buy Now

Make an offer at full list price and proceed through checkout. This will take a property off the market so no one else can buy it.


Make an offer to see if you can get a better price. You’ll be notified when the seller makes a decision.


The service and transaction team guides you through escrow until the place is officially yours.


Step by Step Process to Buy A Property On Roofstock


Step 1: Sign Up Through Roofstock Sign Up Link

Roofstock Review Master Passive Income


Step 2: Fill in all the necessary information for your account

Roofstock Review Master Passive Income


Step 3: Fill in the investor information for Roofstock

Roofstock review would like to know more about you to see how to better serve you.

You can always click the “Skip” button to save time.

Roofstock Review Master Passive Income


Step 4: Continue building your investor profile

This will help Roofstock serve you better properties, services and other things us investors like. Roofstock review

Roofstock Review Master Passive Income

Step 5: Fill in your investment information, criteria, etc.

In this roofstock review, I suggest clicking the “Skip” button to get you started quickly.

The power is in the properties are listed and this roofstock review will show you those below.

Roofstock Review Master Passive Income

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Step 6: Finish your investor profile

Again, in this roofstock review, I suggest to hit “Skip”. 🙂

Roofstock Review Master Passive Income

Step 7: The finished investor profile should look like this

Once you have finished the investor profile, you can now start searching for properties.

Roofstock Review Master Passive Income


Step 8: Start searching for properties on Roofstock

Roofstock has properties all over the country. It is up to you to search for areas you would like to invest in.

I personally don’t mind investing all over the country. No matter where the property is, I can always make money because I can get tenants in the property. This roofstock review doesn’t go into that process but you can learn about how to invest in real estate here.

Roofstock Review Master Passive Income


Step 9: View the property characteristics, price, and analyze the numbers in the overview

Roofstock Review Master Passive Income


Step 10: Review the 1 year Cash Flow

We invest for passive income each month. Without cash flow in passive income, the investment will be taking money from you each month.

Roofstock Review Master Passive Income


Step 11: Review the monthly and yearly cash flow

Make sure you are making money every month in passive income. In this roofstock review, I suggest to buy properties that make you $250 or more each month in passive income.

Roofstock Review Master Passive Income


Step 12: Go through all the numbers to see how the property will perform in future years

Roofstock Review Master Passive Income


That’s it!

Now all you need to do is put in your offer, negotiate with the seller, and buy the property!

Congratulations! You are now an expert with this roofstock review. 🙂

Try out Roofstock here today.

making money with rental properties

Making Money with Rental Properties FREE Investing Course

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Roofstock Review and How to Buy A Rental Property and Make Money
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