Have you ever wanted to turn your handwriting into a font? I have and it is easily and for free to create your own personalized handwritten font! 

Whenever I get a personal handwritten letter from someone, I usually read it.

I figure the person took the time to hand write the letter so the least I could do was see what the person is saying.

If you plan on sending a direct mail campaign to homeowners to find new deals, it is always better to write the letter out in your own handwriting.

Handwritten Yellow Letter
Here is my yellow letter in my own personalized font!

To be successful with a direct mail campaign, you need to send out many letters to many home owners.  The hard part would be hand writing each letter that you send out.

Image if you could write thousands in your own handwriting from a computer.

It is possible for you to actually get a font created in your own personal handwriting for FREE!

The image to the left is a letter I wrote from my computer with my own personal handwriting.

I can send thousands of these out and not write another letter.  The process is extremely easy and FREE!



There are a few steps for you to follow to create your own handwritten font. Let me walk you through them:

  1. Got to www.myscriptfont.com
  2. Download the PDF or PNG file and print it out. step1
  3. Fill in the squares with your own handwriting.  See mine here:dheinerhandwriting
  4. Scan in your image to your computer using 600 DPI black and white. You can even use your phone if you need to. Camscanner is a good program to use for your phone.
  5. Upload the file to the www.myscriptfont.com website. Name your font and click “Start”step23
  6. Download the file you receive.
  7. Open the .ttf file you just downloaded onto your own computer.
  8. Click “Install”Install Font

Now, you are ready to type everything out in your own handwriting!

Word Yellow Letter
My Personalized Font in Microsoft Word!


Now go out and get some great deals with your personalized handwritten font!

Let me know if you have any productivity tricks/hacks to build your business!

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Your Personalized Handwritten Font for Your Direct Mail Yellow Letters
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