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Libsyn Promo CodeDustin” to get 1 month FREE podcasting service.

Just go to and sign up for one of their many plans and enter the promo code “Dustin” to get the Free month of podcasting.

This is a service I personally use and recommend to everyone. The customer service is great and the podcasting service is the best.

If you are looking for the Libsyn Login Page: here is the link:

Libsyn is Everything Podcasting

Starting your own podcast is easy with Libsyn. They have everything you need to have the best podcast out there. You will be able to get your podcast in iTunes and even turn your show into an App.


Podcast Solutions for Beginners to Established Producers
If you are new to podcasting everything you need is here: publishing tools, media hosting and delivery, RSS for iTunes, a Web Site, Stats and a platform that has your back as you grow as a producer.

Take Your Podcast to the Next Level
Libsyn has everything you need to grow and monetize your podcast and have podcast apps for iOS and Android to extend the reach and monetization capabilities of your podcast with advertising ready for you.

Move Your Content
Producers looking for a new home for your content can easily migrate over to the libsyn platform with our automated tools.

  • Over 35,000 podcasts
  • Proven podcast distribution for over 13 years
  • Serving over 62M audience members monthly
  • Cost effective plans to meet your needs
  • Full service hosting to support your show’s growth
  • Generous file storage and transfer policies

The Libsyn custom smartphone app for podcasters engages audiences beyond your regular audio or video episodes. With four different kinds of content accepted by the app (audio, video, PDF and text) you can offer your audience extras, blog posts, transcripts and more all in one place.

The apps make it easy for users to share their favorite episodes on popular social media outlets and star and download episodes for offline entertainment.

Again, use the libsyn promo code “Dustin” to get 1 month free for your podcast!

Libsyn Promo Code vs Red Circle

Recently, I was starting my new podcast for and started an account with Red Circle.

I thought it would be great to try a free service in RedCircle.

After going through and setting up the new show, which was easy, I found one big issue for me.

Destinations for Podcast Shows

Again, use the Libsyn Promo Code “Dustin” to get 1 month free!

For the destinations though with Red Circle, it was VERY LIMITED…

Libsyn has so many more destinations and they are constantly adding more destination all the time. Here is an image of the difference between Libsyn and redcircle:

Libsyn Destinations

Just from this one factor, getting more people to listen to your show, Libsyn wins hands down. Especially since they are only $5 a month, it is a no brainer.

Use the Libsyn Promo Code “Dustin” to Get 1 Month Free

Libsyn Promo Code for 1 Month Free “Dustin”