The Rental Property Calculator below will help you find out if a rental property is worth investing your hard earned money into. This video explains Zillow rentals and how to find new areas to invest.

By using both Zillow and my Calculator for Rental Property below you will be able to quickly:

  • Analyze cash flow, return on investment and much more
  • Adjust your numbers on the fly to find your best offer price
  • Create a printable PDF report summary to show potential lenders, partners or others

The Rental Property Calculator will help you quickly analyze your investment property. Find the potential profit of each property using this investment property calculator.

It must be said that Zillow is only a tool. Don’t rely solely on Zillow rentals for your business. Zillow rentals is just a tool to find your next property. Just like Roofstock, which actually does all the calculations for you.

As you go through this process, you will find that there are many areas where you can invest.

Start investing in yourself be learning the tools of the trade with your rental property calculator and your business. Along with, there are many other tools you can use to get your business started.

Just check my resources page for more ways you can help your rental business succeed.

Below the calculator for rental property is the instructions for how to use it. Also, please check out the video above that shows you how to use the calculator for rental property and

The Investment Rental Property Calculator

Purchase Price
Market Value


Loan Type
Loan Priority
1st Mortgage
2nd Mortgage
3rd Mortgage
Down Payment %
Down Payment $

Loan Amount
Interest Rate %
Term (total months):
Payments Per Year
Annual Debt Service



Monthly Rental Income:
Other Operating Income:
Interest Income:
Association Fees:
Gross Monthly Income:
Vacancy Allowance %:
Operating Income $:
Lawn Care:

Annual Operating Data

Management Fees:
Annual Operating Income:
(-) Annual Operating Expenses:
Pest Control:
(-) Annual Debt Service:
Property/RE Taxes:
(=) Cash Flow Before Taxes:

Monthly Operating Data

Cash Flow:
Trash Removal:
Monthly Expenses:

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Instructions for the Investment Rental Property Calculator

Using the investment property calculator is basically inserting the numbers you find for a particular property.

Each cell adjusts and calculates as you input numbers into the calculator. 

The light grey cells are cells that you can input your own numbers.

In the Financing section of the calculator for rental property, you will contact your mortgage broker to fill in all these items.

Items like:

  • Principal
  • Down Payment
  • Interest Rate
  • Term
  • Payments 

All of these items will be needed in the rental property calculator to calculate your total payment each month.

In the Expenses section, your property manager should be able to help you figure these numbers for you to input. Make sure you don't forget these expenses in the rental property calculator:

  • Management Fee
  • Property Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Repairs

In the Income section, your property manager again will give you good numbers for this.

Also, Zillow gives their info on the rent amount as well. The amount I put in the calculator for rental property is usually lower than what Zillow will give me.

The reason why is that I don't want to over estimate on the income and actually be losing money every month. This is why using the calculator for rental property is crucial to your business.

If you get the income wrong, the calculator for rental property will not fix that problem.

Annual Operating Data With the Rental Property Calculator

By using the rental property calculator, you will find the passive income you will receive each month from your rental property.

Be sure to not forget to add in the Vacancy Allowance because you will have vacancy and this helps account for that.

The rental property calculator will show you how much your passive income will be after all your expenses and income are added up.

The Annual Operating Data is basically showing you all the numbers calculated out for you to see. Remember, this is annual so it is not monthly cash flow.

The Monthly Operating Data is the passive income you will make or lose each month from this property.

The calculator for rental property will calculate the monthly and yearly income from the rental property.

Adjusting The Numbers In The Rental Property Calculator

When you go through this entire rental property calculator and you find that you don't like the total cash flow each month, no problem.

With this investment property calculator, you can adjust the numbers on the fly. 

Go back up to the Principal cell and adjust your purchase price in the rental property calculator.

You can also adjust and other light grey cell to play with the numbers to see how the property will perform for you as a cash flow property.

Make sure that you are looking at ALL the numbers in the calculator for rental property.

Negotiating Your Offer With the Rental Property Calculator

As I am adjusting my offers to the seller, I always come back to the rental property calculator. You can always adjust your expenses, income, fees, etc.

When the seller counters your offer, you can run your numbers to see how much money you will make each month with the new purchase price. Use the calculator for rental property to help you negotiate better prices.

This is because the calculator for rental property will show you exactly how high you can go on the purchase price before you should not offer another dollar.

I personally know my top dollar I can spend for the property and put that in the rental property calculator.

From there, I work my way down until I find a good starting point with my first offer. Each time, I use the rental property calculator to find my actual monthly cash flow.

The investment property calculator is free for you to use. 

So please use the rental property calculator as much as you like!