Today I have a special treat for you. I recently met a fellow investor, named Michael H., and I am excited to talk to him about all of the good things and all of the not-so-good things that have happened to him in his real estate business. We can learn a lot from other investors: how they invest, the mistakes they’ve made, the wins they’ve experienced, the good things, and the bad things.

I am going to talk to Michael about how he has built his business from scratch and how he has worked with other investors to buy big, multi-unit apartment complexes. Michael is a great investor and we are going to learn a lot from him! Michael H. He is the founder of where he shows how to become financially free and independent of a job.


Michael Posts All His Financials


Michael Quit His Job at 36 Years Old

After building a tech company, he sold it to an east coast company and now lives his life free of a job.

Since quitting his job, he has been investing his money in many ways. Real estate, Stocks, Funds, Etc.

He started investing in 2010. Looking in Arizona, Nevada, Texas and other areas, he bought his first property in Las Vegas.


Tell me a little bit about yourself.

  • Michael lives in San Diego. He moved there about 20 years ago for college and he loves to fish.
  • He has a wife and two kids, and most of his family lives in Los Angeles.
  • As a family, they love traveling, eating, and spending time together. His daughter is six years old and his son is four years old.

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