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Fund and Grow Provides Business Credit

  • Fund and grow price is only $3997
  • $50,000-$250,000 of Cash Credit
  • 12-month membership (done for you)
  • $50,000-$100,000 of Corporate Credit Accounts:
    12-month membership (DIY)
    No Minimum FICO required
  • 60-day money back guarantee

Fund and Grow Costs

Currently, Fund and Grow has a cost structure that is a flat fee.

To get the money you need for your business, the loan cost is a flat fee cost of $3997. This fee is refundable for up to 60 days. There is a 4% for credit card transaction fees.

There are no back end fees or a minimum FICO for the 12 month membership, and no other costs other than the membership fee.

How Much Does Fund and Grow Cost?

Fund and Grow

No Extra Fees!

Fund and Grow only charges the flat rate of $3997 for their services. They will work over and over again getting you the funding you need. This is a 12 month service plan.

There are no back end fees, points, or interest added onto your account. With the flat fee, each time you need more credit, they will work with more banks to get you the credit you need.

Fund and Grow Requirements

The fund and grow requirements are very simple. You need to have a running business that is making money. With the historical records of the business, Fund and Grow will help you get access to credit that is similar to the companies revenue.

There is a limit to how much credit you can get and that depends on your business income. When you set up your consultation here, your account manager will tell you how much you are able to have access to.

Remember, you get $500 off the cost of the services of Fund and Grow.

What Fund and Grow Will Do For You

The beauty of their services is that they will do all the work for you. Here is a list of the things they will help you with:

  • Set up an LLC
  • Get an EIN (IRS Employment Identification Number)
  • Apply to bank credit cards with the EIN
  • Negotiate the terms for you
  • Get more funding when you need it

How Does Fund and Grow Work

What Fund and Grow does is apply to many different 0% interest business credit cards for you. They do all the work and you get the funds you need.

They do set up a power of attorney for you on your behalf. The key to remember though is that the credit cards are business credit cards and not personal credit cards.

Fund and Grow will usually not need to have you personally sign for the credit cards since the business is the card holder.

These business credit cards are yours to use at your discretion and Fund and Grow will help you access the funds as you need them.

  • Cash out
  • Wire transfer
  • Pay contractors
  • Check writing

The team at Fund and Grow will apply, work with, and negotiate with many different banks on your behalf to make sure you have the funding you need for your business.

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