One of the criteria I use for buying an income producing property is the cash on cash return calculator. By finding the cash on cash return for your property, you will know how much a return on your money you will make in one year.

Cash On Cash Return Calculator

Property Address

Annual Rent Collected

Loan Amount

Down Payment Amount

Closing costs

Seller concessions

Repair costs

Utility and other costs during vacancy

Total cash invested

Cash-on-cash return %


When you calculate the cash on cash return for your property, the higher the percentage, the better. The entire cash on cash calculation is between how much money you spend buying and fixing up the property to how much money you will make on the property in one year.

It is actually very easy to get the cash on cash calculation for each property. I created this easy calculator for you to use in your rental property investing.

Other ways to calculate the profitability of your real estate investment:

Listen to the Cash On Cash Return podcast episode here:

Cash On Cash Return Calculator For Rental Property Investing

A cash-on-cash return is the calculation of how much it costs you to buy a rental property divided by the total yearly cash flow.

This calculation will show you how much of a percent return on the money you invested into the property in the first year. The higher the cash on cash return is, the better.

Here is what the calculation looks like:
Annual Pre-Tax Cash Flow​ / Total Cash Invested = Cash On Cash Return

What this means is that if you put $5,000 total into the purchase of a property, and you make $3,000 in one year, you will be making a 60% return on your money invested in the first year.

$3,000 / $5,000 = 60% Cash on Cash Return

Just like if you bought a stock for $5,000 and you made an extra $3,000 for a total of stock value of $8,000, you would have made a 60% return on your money in one year.

$3,000 / $5,000 = 60% Cash on Cash Return

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Instructions for the Cash On Cash Return Calculator

Use the Cash Flow Calculator to get the values used in the Cash on Cash Return Calculator. Don't worry, there is a video on the calculator page to help walk you through everything.

Once you have those values from the Cash Flow Calculator, you will need those to fill in the Cash On Cash Return Calculator.

Here is a list of values you will need to put into the calculator in this order:

    1. Total annual rents
    2. Total loan amount to buy the property
    3. Down payment amount you will be putting down on the property to get the loan
    4. Any and all closing costs associated with the purchase of the property
    5. Seller concessions (any money credited back to you from the seller)
    6. Rehab and repair costs to get the property in rent ready shape
    7. Any other costs you will incur BEFORE the property is rented

Once you put these numbers into the calculator, the “Total Cash Invested” and the “Cash on Cash Return %” will be automatically populated for you.

The “Cash On Cash Return %” is the return on your money you invested in 1 year. Obviously you will continue to own the property year after year so you this % will increase year over year.

What Is the Cash On Cash Return?

Great question.

This is the % return on the total amount of money you are spending on a rental property.

Here is a very lose example of what Cash on Cash Return would look like if you bought a stock.

If you buy a Apple stock for a total cost (including fees) of $20,000, you would receive shares in Apple worth $20,000. Now, if you sold the stock within the year for $22,000 because the value of the stock went up, then you made a profit of $2,000.

Purchase Price: $20,000
Sale Price: $22,000
Total Profit: $2,000

$2,000 profit of $20,000 investment is a 10% return on your money you used to buy the stock.

So, the cash on cash return is the % amount of money you will make in one year from the amount of money you spent to make the profit.

Annual Cash Flow Calculation For Rental Property Investing

The main way to make sure you are buying a good property is the monthly cash flow. I tell all of my real estate coaching students to buy properties that make them $250 or more each month in passive income.

Now, if you had a property that made $250 a month, the yearly return would be $3,000.

Here is the calculation: $250 x 12 = $3,000

If you need help to find out your monthly cash flow, go to the Rental Property Cash Flow Calculator to get that number. Once you have the yearly income, you can easily use the Cash On Cash Return Calculator.

Other Calculators for Real Estate Investing

As stated before, you want to invest in rental properties to make cash flow. Calculate your cash flow with the Cash Flow Calculator.

If you are buying a property with more than 5 units, the Multi-Family Cash Flow Calculator will be a great tool for you.

To calculate your mortgage payments on a property, use the Mortgage Calculator to see your monthly payments.

When you are flipping a house, the 70% rule is a quick way to see if you will make money on the purchase, rehab, and sale of a property. Check out the calculator here: 70% Rule Calculator

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