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AAOA’s tenant screening services will fit your needs whether you have one rental or hundreds. We offer a number of tenant screening packages, many with tenant credit checks, so you are certain to find the best value in rental background checks.

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When doing a background check, you want to pick the right company to do it. Keep in mind that the cost of a tenant credit check can usually can be passed on to the rental applicant, so there’s no need to cut corners. AAOA background checks run the reports that give you the assurance you need that your rental applicant is a good fit.

Tenant Screening: Protecting Your Rental Property Investment

One bad tenant can rob a landlord of rental income. It takes little time for the wrong rental applicant to become the tenant from hell by defaulting on rent payments or damaging the property, and forcing you to incur the costs of an eviction and an unexpected vacancy.

When you check tenant credit, you can quickly determine how your applicants have treated other creditors, a telltale sign of whether they will pay rent on time. You’ll also know if a candidate is using someone else’s information to try to get access to your rental property.

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Basic renter credit checks protect your rental property investment against tenants who try to hide bad credit or other problems in their rental background. By cross-referencing reports, you can catch discrepancies that can only lead to one conclusion — this applicant would not make a good tenant. These reports also offer peace of mind in knowing that the renter you’ve chosen will be reliable.

Landlord tenant screening, on the other hand, is fast, easy, and doesn’t cost you anything.

Remember to use the AAOA Promo Code “Dustin” to get 10% off.

AAOA Promo Code “Dustin” 10% OFF Background Checks and Credit Checks
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