Continuing on our 6-week trip through Europe, we are now in Scotland. Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom along with England and Northern Ireland.

The main places we are excited to go to are all the castles! The castles are so impressive and are amazing to walk through.

One thing does strike me though. The castles, to me, are more amazing on the outside than the inside. If you can imagine, the same stones that are shown on the outside are shown on the inside.

After going through many castles, my desire to ever live in one is completely gone. 😊

The castles are cold, dark, and huge.

One fun place that we went to but was way out of the way was Loc Ness. It was really just fun being there and looking for Nessy with my kids.

I’ve got to say, traveling for 6 weeks with my family is so much fun but a lot of work. The 4 kiddos are getting an amazing educational experience that most kids never get to experience.

Praise the Lord for my businesses, real estate, and homeschooling!


Week 2 Scotland… FREEDOM!!! | 6 Weeks Vacation in Europe
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