July 2017 Update

As each month goes by, I post an update on the progress that I am making with my passive income ideas and businesses. July has been a great month for passive income for our family. With many plans for building my businesses, I am excited to spend my time the way I want to spend it. NOT working for someone else.


Monthly Update Post Hiatus

When I first started the journey to quit my job with passive income, I decided to share my progress each month with all of you. Every step and miss-step along the way so you will hopefully do just what I have done.

Since I quit my job in December of 2016, I have been trying to focus my time more on other ideas that will hopefully help you more in the long run.

I am currently working on many exciting things that will be more of a benefit to you than these monthly updates.

So, from this point on, I will no longer post the monthly updates as I have in the past. Not too sure if these will ever start up again but for the mean time they will no longer be posted. The past posts will stay up as a reference to anyone who would like to see how I got to where I am.

You can find the update archive here: Monthly Updates

Look for some new and exciting changes to this site and how I can help you do just what I did. Quit your job with passive income.


What are your thoughts about my Monthly Update? Leave a not below.

My July 2017 Monthly Update
  • Dustin Heiner