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My April 2017 Monthly Update
  • Dustin Heiner


  • Nixon Davis

    Hey Dustin. I have read all your blogs in valuable information of the process of quitting your job and about to take the same steps of investing in rental properties as you have done. I am planning to purchase at least 1 property within the next month or two. I would like to know what is your recommended rental property to initially invest that attracts and retains long term valuable tenants. I know there are a lot of variables in addressing that questions but simply based on the areas where you have invested and the properties that you have within your portfolio, I am confident you have seen some trend that impacts your decision when purchasing property.
    Your blog and path has been very inspirational. Like you, I do not want to work for anyone. I have my family and children that I am hoping to impact by pursuing the goal of financial freedom and entrepeneurship.
    Thanks in advance.