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I am the founder and host of Master Passive Income, a Blog and Podcast about investing in real estate rental properties. It is my desire to help you help you succeed investing in real estate rental properties.

Master Passive Income is committed to helping you on your business journey by sharing insights into how to be successful investing in real estate.

Here at MPI, we value the story of each business owner and do not hide away from failures but share them openly. We do this because you will be able to learn from our mistakes and save you valuable time & money.

Another part of our story we share is how we started in the business investing in real estate rental properties. Each person has a unique and inspiring story to help others either start investing in real estate or fuel the fire for the passion for the business they love.

My story starts in Fresno CA where I live with my beautiful wife Melissa and my 4 fantastic children.  We do everything together as a family and I love being with them. When we got married, Melissa and I made the decision to have her be a full time Mom instead of following a career path of accounting. It was an easy decision to make when we had our first child. After a lot of prayer and consideration, we realized that our children are precious to us, and we set aside our desires for them. Melissa also home schools our children and it is going very well. In order for us to live off of one income, I needed to find a way to make more money. We are fully blessed to have be able to live off of my income and our rental properties.

In 2004, I realized I would never be wealthy working for someone else, so I needed to change something. I decided to work hard toward quitting my job and being my own boss. After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad I knew I need to become an investor. start investing in real estate and start earning cash flow. I took weekend course from a real estate guru that cost $1,000 and that started me down the path of rental properties. From that $1,000, I have grown my investment income to $8,500 per month! It only took me 4 years to do that and now I am investing in apartment complexes as well as single family homes. I have had a few failures along the way that have helped me to grow my business to be even better and stronger.

This site is dedicated to helping you learn how to be an investor in real estate with rental properties. It will teach you to develop your investing mindset and give you the knowledge to succeed financially and in life. This won’t happen overnight, but will take time, dedication, and intention.

Here’s how this site will help:


  • Educate you in the process of acquiring rental properties and successfully making money from the passive income they earn.
  • Practical experience and knowledge from real estate investors who started, as you did, from zero.
  • Weekly blog with practical information to help you start, grow, and succeed in the rental property business.
  • Weekly podcasts with myself and other investors who are willing to share their knowledge with you for free!
  • Resources to help you be successful in the rental business.

So Why A Blog

There are many real estate guru's out there that want to take your money for them to teach you investing in real estate. The $1,000 weekend seminar ended with a sales pitch of three different other courses for a total of $90,000! I thought that was crazy and thought to myself that if I had $90,000, I would invest it into real estate not pay someone else to teach me.

I believe that if you bless people, you will get blessed in return. My desire is to give away as much free information as possible through my blog to help as many people as possible. I want to help you quit your job and replace your income with passive income from rental properties.

The saying goes "A smart man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man learns from others." You will be able to learn from my successes and failures and have a head start in the game of investing in real estate.

Thank you!
Dustin Heiner